Love what you do

I love what I do. Absolutely and completely I love what I do. Personally I think we all should love what we do, and if we don’t we should change what we do. Life is too short and our God given purposes to great to waste our lives away unhappy and unfulfilled.

I have discovered my passions and God given dreams, and I am acting upon them. It’s not always easy, there are major difficulties that arise, but my passion outweighs the difficulties. The process to discovery was the most difficult of all, and through that process I stayed close to Jesus, and at the end had an awakening to who I am and what he has created me to do.

Part of my passion and dream is to see others discover their passions and dreams. My heart is for others to succeed in life and to love what they do. I love to sit down across from somebody and help them unlock their future. I love to see the lights go on as they discover that not only were they meant for so much more, but they can go after it, and see their dreams come true. I love speaking to groups of people and inspiring them to hope for their lives. To see people turn around from a life headed nowhere, to now seeing that there is so much more out there for them.

I love waking up every morning, drinking a cup of coffee, and getting my day started. I look forward to each day. I love who work with at Think International. I love who I get to do life with. I think my family is world class. I love what I do.

Do you? Do you love to get up every morning? Do you love who you work with? Are you passionate about your purpose? Are you going after your dreams? Do you know your passions? Do you know your dreams? I will say it again, life is too short and our God given purposes to great to waste our lives away. Discover it, act upon, and Love what you do.

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