How To Get a Promotion

How do you get a promotion? A recent article on said;

Even as employers remain cautious next year about every dollar spent on employees, they’ll also want workers to show greater skills and results. For employees who want to get ahead, basic competency won’t be enough.

The article goes on to say if you want to get a promotion or land a job this year, you need to increase your skills!

What is the point?  Growth.  If you are not growing, learning and adding to your skills, don’t plan on getting promoted (or even keeping your current job).

In this video, personal development coach Dr. Dave Martin talks about, “How to Get a Promotion,” based on Proverbs 4:8.

How to Get a Promotion with Dr. Dave Martin, Author of 12 Traits of The Greats

Dr. Dave Martin is the author of The 12 Traits of Greats and The Force of Favor and founder of Dave Martin International.  This is part of the #GetWisdom video series with Dr. Dave.  Check out other videos in the #GetWisdom series HERE.

Question: What skill or topic could your study for 15 minutes a day to position yourself for a promotion in 2013?

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